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Power Sources of Meat Smokers

There are different sources for powering meat smokers. These smokers all offer variances in the taste and flavor of the food that is cooked or smoked in these outdoor appliances. The different types of power that are offered in relation to smokers are as follows:


Wood smokers are those meat cookers where flavored wood chips can be used to accentuate the taste of meat. Dependent upon the type of meat is the deciding factor as to what kind of meat is best suited.


Charcoal smokers are a more traditional manner in which to smoke meat. They offer an aroma that defines their favorable taste. Lighter fluid can be used to “start – up” charcoal smokers, however it is not required. These smokers are the least costly to initially purchase, however their expense lies with the cost of the charcoal and lighter fluid that is used.


Smokers that operate on gas or propane seem to be very efficient and dependable in regard to their temperatures controls. They do not need a lot of supervision once that their temperatures controls are set.


Electric smokers are a little inconvenient in that they require an outside electrical outlet and sometimes even an extension cord. They produce an even and constant temperature and also require little surveillance during the cooking time. The main feature that makes electric smokers popular is their quick “start- up”. Especially in this day and age, time is a valued commodity, and this smoker does save time in the initial phase of cooking.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are used as a substitute for oil. They are very effective in a smoker and have been used since the 1970’s. Wood pellets are “environment – friendly” and burn evenly with little or no waste.

The type of powered sourced smokers that are used depends upon several factors, such as one’s budget, location where the smoker is to be used, and the preference of the cook.

For example, you would not want to get an electric smoker if you were going to use it in an area that has no access to an electrical outlet. It is important to consider all factors before buying a smoker, so that you will purchase one that will be feasible in regard to your needs.

All types of meat smokers are available online and can be purchased in an easy manner. Online shops make it simple to compare prices and types of these meat smokers, to ensure the best deal possible. Usually, at the end of the season many promotional bargains will be offered that include “perks” in relation to these outdoor items. Things, such as accessories and “free shipping” are sometimes included to create a sizable savings to customers.

Even though these items are on sale, it is still important to make sure that a regular warranty is included, in the case of a defect. After you have completed all of the necessary steps, the most difficult thing to do is to wait on your meat smoker to arrive to your home. When it is delivered, you can be sure that you will “have the time of your life” when throwing an outdoor “get-together”!